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Despite its harsh weather, Delaware is one of the best places to grow garlic in the U.S. Garlic farmers have to pay close attention to the weather patterns to avoid losing an entire crop to frost. But that doesn’t mean that growing garlic in Delaware is difficult.

This article discusses what you should do as a farmer to grow garlic on your farm until harvested successfully. Towards the end, there is information on some of the most prominent Delaware garlic farms, New York State, and Delaware State generally. Please read on for more information.

How to Grow Garlic on Your Farm in Delaware

Do you have a passion for growing garlic in Delaware but don’t know where to start? Starting a garlic farm from scratch can be taxing. Before they become seedlings, garlic seeds need constant watering and exposure to 8 or more hours of sunlight daily, seven days a week. Besides, you must maintain the room temperature at 70°F or more.

A breach of any of these conditions could make the sunlight die before germinating or fail to grow. In Delaware, the garlic growing season is very short, and you can only grow the seeds indoors. After 40 to 60 days, you can transplant the garlic to your land.

Right Time to Grow Garlic in Delaware

The right time to grow garlic in Delaware is from mid-October to November in fall, when the weather is still warm. At the onset of winter, the roots should be already having roots. By that time, you should have gotten rid of the scapes. Remember, garlic scapes are perfect for eating in all kinds of dishes.

In summer, you’ll notice each bulb start to grow. Your farm should soon have the greenery of fresh garlic scapes. By June, the garlic should grow into sizeable bulbs. It would help if you prepared yourself to harvest by July before selling to local and national customers.

Existing Delaware Garlic Farms

If you start a garlic farm in Delaware, you will not be alone. The following are some of the garlic farms you can come across in Delaware, NY, and Delaware State:

1. Township Valley Farm

In the Township Valley Farm, they grow garlic and mushrooms. The farm is located in Delaware, NY, in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains. It has a passion for organic garlic, which is completely free of pesticides.

According to the farm owners, they grow their garlic free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The family-owned farm grows garlic all year round, ensuring that Delaware, New York residents have a constant supply of garlic.

Township Valley Farm Contact Details

2. Valley Fall Farm

Valley Fall Farm is owned by Roman Oscada, who grows garlic for his family’s consumption and for sale to local restaurants. He’s one of the biggest farmers in Delaware, always looking for new varieties of garlic to grow.

Apart from having a passion for growing garlic, the farmer loves to eat garlic, saying how juicy and delicious it is. He grows his garlic from November to July when the harvest is ready. In between, he has to care for the garlic by trimming the scaves.

Valley Fall Farm Contact Details

Types of Garlic Grown in Delaware

There are two main Varieties of garlic grown in Delaware – softneck and hardneck garlic. Here is a description of the garlic types:

1. Softneck Garlic

Softneck garlic variety is suitable for mass production and grows well in warmer climates. They are also great for storing in the fridge for up to one year. A good example is the sweet Spanish Roja.

2. Hardneck Garlic

On the other hand, the hardneck varieties come with a long stalk and with bigger bulbs. Even though it is more delicious, its shelf-life is shorter. It has great anti-biotic content.







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