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Did you realize that apart from its famous sandy coasts and picturesque beaches, California is also the leading producer of garlic in the country? Absolutely, California is responsible for more than 90% of the commercial garlic cultivation in the United States, largely credited to its ideal climate all through the year.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it is also home to some of the biggest garlic farmers in the world. Going on a garlic farm tour would be a great opportunity to know how your favorite vegetable is grown if you love eating garlic. Here are some of the top garlic farms in California you must visit.

1. Christopher Ranch

Gilroy, also known as the world’s garlic capital, is home to Christopher Ranch, the largest garlic grower in the nation. Founded in 1956, Christopher Ranch produces over 50% of all our garlic crops.

Although The Christopher farm imports about 5% of its company sales from China, they do not labele Chinese garlic as a Christopher Ranch product. All garlic products with the Christopher Ranch label are 100% California garlic

Christopher Ranch Contact Details

Website: https://christopherranch.com/

Contact: 408-847-1100

Location: 305 Bloomfield Ave
Gilroy, CA 95020

Rating: 4.1

Reviews: 280 (Google reviews)

2. The Garlic Company

This is another notably prominent garlic producer in California. The Garlic Company is strategically located in California’s San Joaquin Valley, well known for its mediterranean climate and rich fertile soil.

These conditions make the farm ideally situated for growing garlic. The Garlic Company is dedicated to producing quality California-grown garlic, from seed to harvest. This way, they are able to deliver quality garlic to their customers at the peak of freshness.

They sell a variety of garlic products ranging from freshly harvested whole bulbs to roasted garlic and garlic powder. Other than garlic, they also offer a line of onions, ginger, cipollinis, and shallots.

The Garlic Company Contact Details

Website: https://www.thegarliccompany.com/

Contacts: 661-393-4212

Location: 18602 Zerker Road
Shafter, CA 93263

Rating: 4.4

Reviews: 84 (Google reviews)

3. LJB Farms

Located just a short drive north of Gilroy, the LJB farms is a must-visit if you are looking to see skids and skids of garlic. Get a chance to do some braiding and pick them up yourself.

LJB is a family-owned sustainable farm that strives to retain true community living, with a focus on allowing mother nature to take its course. Although dehydrated garlic accounts for about 75%of U.S. garlic consumption, the LJB Farms aim to sell their garlic in the freshest and most natural state.

Here, they do not freeze their produce or force them to ripen through technology. Instead, they let mother nature take its course.

LJB Farms Contacts

Website: http://www.ljbfarms.com/

Contact: +1 408-842-9755

Email: [email protected]

Location: 585 Fitzgerald Ave #9431, San Martin, CA 95046, United States

Ratings: 4.7

Reviews: 381 (Google reviews)

4. Basaltic Farms

Located in the beautiful Cascade mountains of northern California’s Lassen County, Basaltic Farms is an organic farm that primarily grows organic garlic. The name Basaltic comes from the basaltic stone magma streams, which over time transform into rich sandy topsoil soils that are perfect for garlic growth.

At Basaltic Farms, they use sustainable agriculture practices on their nutrition-rich land that contains a perfect blend of volcanic sandy loam soils. This farm produces both gourmet garlic for eating and certified organic garlic seeds for planting.

Their flavorful garlic provides a refreshing taste for those who appreciate fresh, healthy garlic with outstanding flavors. Some of the garlic seed varieties available at the farm include Chesnok Red garlic, Music garlic, Inchelium Red garlic, and Sicilian Artichoke Garlic.

Basaltic Farms Contacts

Website: https://basalticfarms.com/

Contact: + 1 530-238-5357

Email: [email protected]

Location: 641-200 Beck Elliot
Lane McArthur, CA 96056

Ratings: 4.9

Reviews: 11 (Google reviews)

5. McFadden Farm

MacFadden Farm is a small family-owned organic farm tucked away at the north end of Potter Valley in Mendocino County, Northern California. Certified by the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF), the McFadden Farm grows and sells a wide variety of specialty foods, including organic garlic, bay leaf wreaths, thyme, garlands, and culinary herbs. Visit the farm in late summer between suckering and harvest to make some garlic braids. Note, however, that the McFadden Family Farm is not regularly open to the public. Hence, check their Events page for upcoming celebrations.

McFadden Farm Contacts

Website: http://mcfaddenfarm.com/

Contact: +1 800-544-8230

Location: 16000 Powerhouse Rd, Potter Valley, CA 95469, United States

Rating: 5.0

Reviews: 10 (Google reviews)

6. Tanaka Farms

Tanaka Farms is a long-running family-owned interactive farm nestled in Irvine, California. This farm is all about responsible farming methods to produce fruits and vegetables that are grown without chemicals. Tanaka Farms offer tractor-pulled farm tours where you will be taken through the farm fields to learn about how they grow their food, including whether you need to peel garlic cloves before planting. The farm comes with a market stand, U-pick fruit, seasonal garlic, pumpkin patch, and farm animal. The Tanaka Farms produce stand features fresh favorites like carrots, cherry tomatoes, organic blueberries, broccoli, baby bok choi, and garlic daily. Make sure to bring your own water and wear comfortable, close-toed shoes to explore the farm.

Tanaka Farms Contacts

Website: http://www.tanakafarms.com/

Contact: +1 949-653-2100

Location: 5380 3/4 University Dr, Irvine, CA 92612, United States

Rating: 4.6

Reviews: 789 Google Reviews

7. Sun Coast Organic Farm

Sun Coast Organic farm is a sustainable farm that grows over 120 fruit trees and several acres of vegetables, including garlic. Other than the farm, they also run a traditional wood-fired bakery. Here, they mill all their organic grains into chemical-free flour, which they use to bake different varieties of artisan bread.

Sun Coast Organic Farm Contacts

Website: http://www.suncoastorganicfarm.com/

Contact: +1 831-801-0085

Location: 6310 Southside Rd, Hollister, CA 95023, United States

Rating: 4.9

Reviews: 85 Google reviews

8. Barrios Farm Inc.

Barrios Farm Inc is a fourth-generation farm in the Sacramento Valley. This farm was founded in 1973. Barrios Farm Inc grows garlic, tomatoes, walnuts, almonds, alfalfa, wheat, canola, sunflowers, safflower, corn, and so much more.

Barrios Farm Inc. Contacts

Website: http://barriosfarmsinc.com/

Contact: +1 530-662-1232

Location: 12452 Co Rd 98, Yolo, CA 95697, United States

Rating: 4.8

Reviews: 4 Google reviews

9. Bowles Farming Co

Bowles Farming Company is a family-owned and operated farm located near Los Banos in the Central Valley of California. This 11,000-acre farm strives to produce food and fiber in the most ethical and environmentally friendly ways possible. They farm with both organic and conventional techniques. Some of the crops they grow include garlic, tomatoes, corn, melons, alfalfa, staple cotton, and much more.

Bowles Farming Company Contacts

Website: http://www.bfarm.com/

Contact: +1 209-827-3000

Rating: 4.7

Reviews: 28 (Google Reviews)

10. Knoll Organic Farms

Founded in 1979, Knoll Organic farm has always focused on the single sustainable farming strategy. This farm grows some of the most beautiful green garlic in the Bay area on Brentwood, CA’s 18-acre diversified fruit and vegetable farm. They also grow elephant garlic. This farm not only produces delicious, high-quality organic food but is also a haven for local wildlife. They practice food-safe biodiversity farming, emphasizing soil health, which leads to some fantastic and wide varieties of products such as the green garlic, the famous figs, and stone fruit.

Knoll Organic Farms Contacts

Website: https://www.knollorganics.com/

Contact: +1 925-634-5959

Location: 12510 Byron Hwy, Brentwood, CA 94513, United States

Rating: 4.9

Reviews: 8 Google reviews

11. Arya Farm Produce

Founded in July 2010, Arya Farm Produce is an organic farm that grows non-GMO produce. This 45-acre farm is located right between Tracy and Mountain House. The farm is all about growing organic produce year-round. Other than garlic, Arya Farm also grows tomatoes, grapes, pomegranates, cantaloupes, Afghan melons, watermelon, kale, cauliflower, and winter squash, among other things. This farm also sells fresh garlic, fruit, and vegetable right in their farm store, which is located next to the farm.

Arya Farm Produce

Website: https://www.aryafarmproduce.com/

Contact: +1 209-835-9850

Location: 21459 S Reeve Rd, Tracy, CA 95304

Rating: 4.5

Reviews: 255 (Google Reviews)

If you get a chance to spend time in the great outdoors, consider visiting any of the garlic farms mentioned above. These farms allow you to see what goes on behind the scenes of garlic farming and a chance to taste freshly cut cloves straight from the farm.








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