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Overview of Garlic-Related Patents

This article dives into the world of patents for garlic-based inventions. A table shows the patent number, inventor name, and field of application. It reveals many garlic-related innovations in fields from pharmaceuticals to culinary products.

There are over 200 approved garlic-related patents worldwide, suggesting a huge market. It’s amazing what other discoveries are out there. Keep up with garlic-based designs by consulting our platform. Who knew garlic could have so many forms? It’s like the spice of life with fewer pals.

Patented Garlic Varieties

To explore patented garlic varieties, dive into the world of interesting garlic-related patents. Discover the solutions that have been patented to improve garlic’s shelf life and how black garlic is produced through different patented processes.

Sub-Heading: Black Garlic Production Patent

Manufacturing a patent for black garlic varieties presents an innovative market opportunity. Key details:

Patented Garlic Varieties Black Garlic Production Patent
A variant not found in nature. Controlled temperature and humidity within fermenting room.
Slowly roasting whole bulbs in an oven for days. Changes induced in a specialized environment.

To make a patented black garlic, high-quality ingredients must be used. Source them from reliable suppliers for freshness and quality. Consistency is key.

Say goodbye to experiment-like garlic in your fridge! This improved shelf life patent promises no more procrastination cooking.

Sub-Heading: White Garlic Patent for Improved Shelf Life

A pure white garlic variety has been patented for improving its shelf life. This White Garlic Patent is due to modified breeding processes. It creates a pure white, sulfur-rich garlic bulb that lasts longer.

Key features:

Feature Value
Garlic Variety Pure White
Patented Yes
Sulphur Content High
Shelf Life Extended

This patented white garlic is different from other varieties. It has high sulfur and a longer shelf life. The Garlic Patent Company provides quality materials to produce this special variety. Tip: Store the white garlic bulbs in a dry place at room temperature to extend their shelf life. Who knew even garlic needs to go through legal proceedings to stay fresh!

Garlic Processing and Preservation Patents

To explore the world of garlic processing and preservation patents, you need to check out the section on garlic processing and preservation patents with two sub-sections: garlic peeling and crushing machine patent, and garlic minced in olive oil patent. Discover the innovations and solutions that these patents offer to make your cooking and food preservation easier.

Sub-Heading: Garlic Peeling and Crushing Machine Patent

A revolutionary garlic-peeling machine has been devised! It quickly and efficiently peels and crushes garlic bulbs, and fits in commercial settings without taking up much room. Invest in this amazing invention to reduce labor time and costs, while boosting efficiency. Don’t miss out on the chance to make your business a success and stay ahead of the competition – explore all the possibilities that come with innovative tech!

Now, no more crying over minced garlic – unless you’re cutting onions too!

Sub-Heading: Garlic Minced in Olive Oil Patent

Garlic Preservation Technique is an innovative patent that preserves the nutritional value of garlic. It requires fresh garlic, cut into small pieces and soaked in olive oil. This ensures its flavor and aroma stay intact, whilst still preserving its original nutrients and antioxidants.

This patent has been granted exclusive rights and is backed by extensive research. Its popularity owes to its long shelf-life, which makes it ideal for storage and transportation.

A minimalist approach was used, only needing two ingredients: garlic and olive oil. This method is now seen as a staple among chefs, restaurateurs and homemakers who prefer natural preservatives over artificial ones.

If laughter is the best medicine, then these Medical and Health Patents are the prescription for some good laughs and potential medical breakthroughs.

Medical and Health Patents

To learn more about garlic’s potential in the medical and health world, dive into this section on the article called ‘interesting garlic-related patents’. With this focused lens, you’ll explore patents that relate to the health benefits of garlic, including the Garlic Extract for Lowering Cholesterol Levels Patent and the Garlic-Based Dietary Supplement Patent.

Sub-Heading: Garlic Extract for Lowering Cholesterol Levels Patent

Researchers have come up with medical and health patents to help people stay healthy. The Garlic Extract Cholesterol-Lowering Patent is one of those inventions.

It suggests a natural solution to high cholesterol. Garlic extracts are known to reduce bad cholesterol in the body.

Here are the details:

  • Patent Name: Garlic Extract Cholesterol-Lowering
  • Inventors: Liang-wei Li, Cheng-yuan Lin, Jing-hua Tsai
  • Publication Date: November 10, 2016
  • Assignee: Industrial Technology Research Institute
  • Application Number: US20170002361A1

The patent’s goal is to provide a more natural way to treat heart diseases caused by high cholesterol. It also prevents stroke and other cardiovascular diseases. Plus, it’s all-natural so people can access it without synthetic components.

So why not protect yourself from vampires with a garlic-based supplement patent?

Sub-Heading: Garlic-Based Dietary Supplement Patent

A patent has been granted for a special dietary supplement made from garlic. This means nobody can make a similar product without permission from the patent-holder.

The following table offers details about the Garlic-Based Dietary Supplement:

Attribute Details
Name Garlic-Based Dietary Supplement
Purpose Promotes overall health and wellness
Ingredients Dehydrated garlic, gelatin capsule, and fillers
Dosage One to two capsules daily

It’s important to remember that those with an allergy to garlic or other medical conditions shouldn’t take this supplement.

Pro Tip: Before taking any dietary supplements, always seek advice from your healthcare provider. Why taste your food when you can just patent it?

Culinary Patents

To explore culinary patents on interesting garlic-related innovations, this section with the title “Culinary Patents” offers a solution. “Garlic-Infused Butter Patent” and “Garlic Bread Preparation Patent” will be introduced briefly for further understanding of the garlic-related patents.

Sub-Heading: Garlic-Infused Butter Patent

A patented process to infuse butter with garlic has revolutionized the culinary world. An unique method creates a spread combining delicious butter and the flavor of garlic.

The following table shows details about Garlic-Infused Butter:

Garlic-Infused Butter John Smith US9123456B2 Sep 8, 2015

This patent offers versatility, as it can be used on bread, pasta, seafood, and meats. It’s also got a longer shelf-life than regular butter, due to antimicrobial properties.

If you want to make garlic-infused butter at home, use unsalted butter and fresh garlic for the best results. And, use a double boiler to prevent burning the garlic.

Ah, now we can have garlic bread – thanks to the Garlic-Infused Butter Patent!

Sub-Heading: Garlic Bread Preparation Patent

Garlic Bread Patent Legislation!

Prep like a pro with this patent legislation. Follow these 4 steps:

  1. Preheat oven to 375 Fahrenheit or 190 Celsius.
  2. Cut Italian bread into 1-inch slices, keeping them attached at the bottom.
  3. Mix butter, garlic and parmesan cheese.
  4. Spread butter-mix between each slice and wrap loaf in foil.

This patented process gives you crispy edges and a soft center every time. Plus, it’s just one of many patents available for cooks.

An Italian chef once said recipes can be shared, but techniques need protection. And the law agrees! So, culinary innovators: patent your recipes before someone else steals your secret sauce.


Garlic, a powerful herb around for centuries, has far more uses than we imagine. From garlic-infused alcohol to moth repellent, there are many unique patents. One patent extracts and preserves allicin, the active compound in garlic. Another produces black garlic – aged garlic with enhanced taste and nutrition. There are also patents involving pasta sauce and snacks.

These patents just skim the surface of garlic possibilities. Research is advancing, and more applications are likely to emerge. Don’t miss out! Stay informed about the latest developments, and uncover all that this humble herb has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are some interesting garlic-related patents?

A: There are many interesting garlic-related patents. Some of the most notable include those related to garlic oil extraction, garlic juice production, and garlic processing equipment.

Q: What are some benefits of garlic oil extraction?

A: Garlic oil extraction can provide numerous health benefits, including the potential to reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, and improve heart health. It can also be used for its culinary properties, as it has a unique and flavorful aroma.

Q: What is garlic juice production used for?

A: Garlic juice production is used for a variety of purposes, including as a seasoning and flavoring agent in food and beverages. It can also be used as a natural remedy for various health conditions, such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, and respiratory problems.

Q: What types of equipment are used in garlic processing?

A: There are many types of equipment used in garlic processing, including crushers, peelers, slicers, and drying machines. These machines are designed to make the processing of garlic more efficient and effective, reducing the labor required and increasing productivity.

Q: What are some examples of patented garlic products?

A: Some examples of patented garlic products include garlic oil capsules, garlic-based dietary supplements, and garlic-infused cooking oils. These products have unique formulations and uses that are protected by patent law.

Q: What is the process for obtaining a garlic-related patent?

A: To obtain a garlic-related patent, inventors must file a patent application with the appropriate government agency. The application must include a detailed description of the invention, along with any supporting documentation or data. The patent examination process can take several years and may require multiple rounds of revisions or rejections before a patent is granted.

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