8 Best Garlic Farms in New York


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For beginners in the realm of garlic, there’s a significant amount of knowledge to acquire. Though there are countless books and videos available for understanding garlic cultivation and the variety of culinary delights it can create, a visit to a garlic farm surpasses them all. It’s a place where you can fully immerse yourself in everything related to garlic, ranging from crop cultivation to savoring delicious dishes.

Below are some of the best garlic farms in New York.

8 Best Garlic Farms in New York

1. Hudson Valley Garlic Growers

Hudson Valley Garlic Growers is a family-owned garlic farm located in the Hudson Valley, a couple of miles from the Hudson River. It was created by Nan and Phil Leonard in the mid-70s. However, they only started growing garlic in 1990. Over the years, they’ve experimented with different garlic varieties and continue to expand their plantings to provide high-quality garlic. Aside from garlic, they grow flowers and other vegetables on their farm free of pesticides.

Hudson Valley Garlic Growers Contact Details:

Website: https://www.hudsonvalleygarlicgrowers.com/
Location: 1246 County Route 6 ​Germantown, NY 12526
Contact: 518-537-4871
Email: [email protected]
Ratings: 4.5 star
Total Reviews: 17 (Yelp)

2. Fraser’s Garlic Farm

This is another family-owned organic garlic farm. Although it’s not the oldest, it’s been around for nearly three decades. They provide quality garlic seed stock to farmers, gardeners, and seed companies in the US. The farm is located in West Side, New York, where the climate and soil are perfect for growing garlic. Even better, they grow a variety of garlic every year.

Fraser’s Garlic Farm Contact Details:

Website: https://www.frasergarlic.com/
Location: 1379 Johnson Rd Churchville, NY 14428
Contact: (585) 350-8295
Email: [email protected]
Ratings: 5 stars
Total Reviews: 4 reviews (Google)

3. A&L Garlic Farms

A&L Garlic Farm was established in 2000 and is situated in Holley, New York. They grow garlic and offer a wide variety of quality garlic with outstanding flavors. The farm attends garlic festivals and farmer’s markets where they offer the tastes of their crops. In addition, they sell seed garlic, table garlic, and garlic for roasting through their socials or their online store.

A&L Garlic Farms Contact Details:

Website: https://algarlicfarms.com/
Location: 49 Geddes St, Holley, NY 14470
Contact: (585) 749-3838
Email: [email protected]
Ratings: 5 star
Total Reviews: 6 (Google)

4. Mystic Farm Garlic

Mystic Farm Garlic is a small family-run garlic farm dedicated to growing high-quality garlic. The farm is in Genesee Valley, West New York. They grow garlic in small ground portions prepared with organic manure and additives like blood and bone meal to improve nutrient enhancement, seaweed, and fish emulsions. Every parcel goes through a 4-year rotation of cover crops, including buckwheat and clover.

Mystic Farm Garlic Contact Details:

Website: https://www.MysticGarlic.com
Location: 4643 McKay Hill Rd Dansville, NY 14437
Contact: 585-734-4802
Email: [email protected]
Ratings: 5 star
Total Reviews: 1 (Google)

5. Simply Garlic

Simply Garlic is in Adirondack Champlain Valley. The farm believes in keeping things pure, natural, and simple. They only grow garlic on 200 acres of picturesque Champlain Valley.

Simply Garlic Contact Details:

Website: https://www.simplygarlic.com/
Location: 16 Manning Road Clemons, NY 12819
Contact: (518) 499-2428
Email: N/A
Rating: 5 star
Total Reviews: 5

6. Ribbon Road Farm

Ribbon Road Farm is a family farm and has been operational since 1999. They grow organic garlic on a 50-acre plot located along Chautauqua Ridge. The farm has fertile soils perfect for naturally grown garlic, including hardneck garlic and black garlic. They leverage science and nature in their garlic growing practices to ensure maximum health benefits from their garlic.

Ribbon Road Farm Contact Details:

Location: 8438 Lyons Rd, Sherman, NY 14781
Contact: (716) 326-6150
Website: https://www.ribbonroadfarm.com/
Email: N/A
Rating: 5 star
Total Reviews: 5

7. Deacon’s Garlic

Deacons Garlic started farming garlic in 2007 on a 10-acre farm in Aurora, New York. Dennis and Cindy Donahue have researched the best garlic planting practices and gone to garlic school to learn the best methods. Their efforts reflect the quality of their flavorful garlic and their weight.

Deacon’s Garlic Contact Details:

Location: 1556 Levanna Road, Union Springs, NY 13160
Call Us: 315.704.4304
Website: http://deaconsgarlic.com/
Email: [email protected]
Rating: 4-star
Total Reviews: 3 (Google)

8. Sweden Center Garlic Farm

They are the major seed supplier in Western New York and attend the Garlic School at Cornell University Cooperative Extension annually. The farm has 7+ miles of garlic rows. They’ve been growing high-quality garlic with exquisite flavor for 20 years and have won the Great Garlic Bulb Contest for six years yearly.

Sweden Center Garlic Farm Contact Details:

Location: 56 White Rd, Brockport, NY 14420
Contact: 585-637-2204
Website: https://www.scgarlic.com/index.html
Email: [email protected]
Rating: 5-star
Total Reviews: 2 (Google)


if you need the best garlic seeds or table garlic, you can consider one of these garlic farms. You can also learn how to grow big and small garlic-like rocambole garlic perfectly.

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