What Happens if We Eat Garlic in Empty Stomach?


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Garlic is a reliable food flavoring known for its pungent taste that can turn any food into a feast. People consume it as garlic powder, roasted garlic, garlic oil, or raw garlic.

Garlic has many health benefits, including controlling blood pressure, boosting the immune system, and boosting heart health.

That’s because garlic contains many nutrients, including vitamin C, vitamin B2, thiamin, riboflavin, vitamin A, vitamin E, niacin, pantothenic acid, folate, choline, and Vitamin B6. It also has many minerals, including manganese, calcium, copper, phosphorus, iron, potassium, and selenium.

Consuming garlic on an empty can greatly impact the health benefits you get from these ingredients. It also matters whether it is cooked or raw garlic. This article discusses what happens when you eat garlic on an empty stomach.

Health Benefits of Eating Garlic on an Empty Stomach

Garlic comes with lots of health benefits, especially when consumed raw. The following are the major benefits of eating garlic raw on an empty stomach:

1. Fighting Cold and Flu

Eating raw garlic can help you fight the common cold and flu. Eating two garlic cloves is advisable if you’re experiencing a cold or flu. Doing so on an empty stomach provides maximum benefits.

For babies and small kids, hanging some threaded garlic cloves on the neck can relieve symptoms of congestion. It can reduce lung congestion and help with quick recovery from whooping cough.

2. Natural Antibiotic

When eaten on an empty stomach, garlic is a powerful antibiotic. But eating garlic on an empty stomach is more effective when eaten in the morning before breakfast. That exposes stomach bacteria to the potent chemicals in garlic, leading to their total annihilation.

3. Good for Heart Health

Garlic contains allicin, a compound that fights LDL (bad) cholesterol while maintaining optimal levels of HDL (bad) bacteria. It effectively improves heart health.

Also, eating garlic on an empty stomach reduces the likelihood of developing blood clots, preventing thromboembolism. It also controls high blood pressure and can help those with hypertension.

4. Improving Brain Function

Raw garlic is also good for brain health. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help it fight off free radicals. Therefore, it prevents the destruction of brain cells.

People who eat garlic on an empty stomach are less likely to develop degenerative diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

5. Improving Digestion

Did you know that when eaten on an empty stomach, garlic is beneficial to the digestive system? But you won’t benefit from eating any kind of garlic.

Eating raw garlic clears the digestive tract of harmful worms. It also destroys bad bacteria and preserves good bacteria.

6. Balancing Blood Sugar

When it comes to balancing blood sugar, garlic does the job perfectly when eaten on an empty stomach. Diabetics who eat raw garlic regularly have reported the ability to regulate their sugar levels more effectively.

7. Boosting Immunity

Garlic has anti-inflammatory properties that fight free radicals and protect your DNA from getting damaged. Even as it reduces inflammation, garlic boosts the immune system by utilizing minerals like zinc.

The vitamin C in garlic also fights off infections such as the common cold and flu. When consumed raw, garlic unleashes its antimicrobial properties to control different diseases.

8. Preventing Cancer and Peptic Ulcers

Of course, garlic stimulates digestion. On top of that, its antibiotic action fights bad bacteria and prevents the digestive tract from developing peptic ulcers.

Eating garlic on an empty stomach prevents the onset of cancer in various body organs, including the liver, stomach, bladder, prostate, and lungs.

9. Helps Lose Weight

Are you working to lose weight faster? One of the benefits of eating garlic on an empty stomach is that it can hasten weight loss.

Garlic inhibits the gene responsible for forming and storing fat in the body. So, it is a preventative measure against weight gain.

It also increases your body’s ability to burn fat while lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol. Therefore, it is useful in reducing weight in people suffering from obesity and related conditions.

Besides helping you lose weight, garlic is highly nutritious. One garlic clove (3 grams) contains fiber, selenium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, manganese, iron, potassium, copper, and calcium. So, eating raw garlic on an empty stomach has many health benefits.

10. Fighting UTIs and Kidney Infections

Eating raw garlic on an empty stomach can help reduce urinary tract infections (UTIs) caused by E. Coli bacteria. It also prevents kidney infections.

Garlic is also effective in reducing infection in wounds. It promotes liver health, bone health, and hair growth. But remember, the garlic has to be consumed raw.

11. Reducing Blood Toxicity

One of the riskiest occupational hazards is exposure to lead poisoning. Garlic contains elements that effectively lessen the effects of lead poisoning in those exposed to eat.

A 2012 study showed that eating garlic on an empty stomach can prevent lead poisoning than medical treatment with d-Penicillamine.

12. Improving Athletic Performance

Did you know garlic can greatly enhance your athletic performance or any other sport? In ancient times, athletes used garlic to improve performance and treat fatigue.

Studies on animals also show that garlic extract can improve exercise performance by a great deal. Besides, people suffering from heart disease who consumed garlic for six weeks had better exercise capacity and a 12% reduction in heart rate.

13. Reducing Exercise Fatigue

Studies by Japanese scientists have shown that eating raw garlic with dilute alcohol can significantly improve an individual’s exercise endurance. Some human studies have also shown that garlic can help you to overcome the symptoms of fatigue due to exercise.

14. Overcoming Estrogen Deficiency

Just before menopause, women go through a period of time when their estrogen levels are at their lowest. The low estrogen levels are usually a result of the reduced production of cytokine, a key protein.

Eating raw garlic on an empty stomach is known to lead to the improved production of cytokine. Therefore, it can help you to overcome post-menopause estrogen deficiency.

15. Reduced Likelihood for Osteoarthritis

Increased consumption of garlic has positive results for post-menopausal women, who are proven to be suffering from osteoarthritis. Garlic contains large amounts of diallyl disulfide, a compound responsible for maintaining bone density. Therefore, the pungent vegetable can prevent osteoarthritis and other bone-related ailments.

16. Preventing Heart Blockages

Garlic helps reduce stickiness in the blood platelets. It is a natural blood-thinning agent that prevents blood from clotting. Therefore, eating raw garlic is effective in improving the flow of blood. It promotes cardiovascular health by preventing the unnecessary formation of blood clots. Consequently, it prevents heart attacks.

Effects of Eating Raw Garlic on an Empty Stomach

Despite its excellent health benefits, garlic may also cause issues when eaten on an empty stomach. Here are some things to keep in mind if you intend to eat garlic on an empty stomach regularly:

  • Avoid eating too much garlic since it can irritate the stomach and make you feel uncomfortable.
  • If you have issues with bad breath, you should avoid eating lots of raw garlic.
  • Those suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease should avoid eating raw garlic since it can lead to heartburn.
  • Garlic has several compounds which may cause stomach and chest pain.
  • People with allergies should eat garlic sparingly to avoid an itchy nose, sneezing, hives, itchy eyes, and a tingling tongue.

The Bottom Line

Eating raw garlic on an empty stomach has many benefits, including improving digestion, lowering blood pressure, fighting inflammation, and reducing weight. However, it also has side effects, which may cause bodily discomfort. So, people should avoid eating too much garlic if they have underlying health conditions.