How Much Does a Garlic Bulb Weigh?


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Garlic is among the most ancient crops to be cultivated globally. It is the second most commonly utilized allium vegetable after onions. The garlic plant is primarily grown for its edible bulb which can be eaten in its raw form, cooked, or processed. While most global gastronomy incorporates garlic cloves for seasoning, some also utilize the leaves, shoots, and blossoms from the garlic plant. However, the root cluster and papery outer layer of cloves are typically not eaten.

Typically, when a recipe calls for garlic, it lists the number of cloves you should use or the amount in ounces. But how much does a garlic bulb weigh? Let’s dive into the details.

About Garlic

Originating from Central and South Asia, garlic has been used for human consumption for over 7000 years. This herb belongs to the Allium genus together with chives, shallots, leeks, and onions. Garlic grows under the soil as a bulb.

Traditionally, garlic was used as a condiment when cooking and for medicinal purposes, with the Japanese and Chinese using it to treat digestion problems and diarrhea. They also used garlic to eliminate intestinal worms. Today, garlic is a flavoring agent in recipes and can be consumed as a condiment or spread.

What is a Bulb of Garlic?

Fresh garlic in the grocery store is usually sold in heads. A head of garlic looks like a bulb and is covered in white or cream-white papery skin. When you remove the outer paper wrappers, you will find that each bulb comprises many individual segments called cloves.

What is a Clove?

Clove is an individual lobe of garlic found inside a head of garlic. Each clove is covered in papery skin. You can break off individual cloves from the bulb to cook with, leaving the rest of the head intact to use later.

What is the Size of a Clove?

Garlic cloves come in various sizes, ranging from extra small to extra large. A garlic clove typically measures 1″ to 1.5″ in length. The width of a garlic clove measures about 3/8 to 3/4″ across at the widest part.

How Much Does a Garlic Bulb Weigh?

The weight of one head of garlic will vary depending on how big the bulb is. Some garlic bulbs weigh as few grams, while others can weigh several ounces. Several factors determine the weight of a garlic bulb. For instance, the variety of garlic will determine how much a garlic bulb weighs.

The average supermarket garlic, usually the soft neck variety, contains 10 to 15 cloves. Each clove can weigh anywhere from 4g to 45g, depending on the type and growth pattern. Some hard-neck garlic varieties can have as many as 30 or 40 cloves and will have a multitude of sizes.

So you may have a head of garlic with ten cloves ranging in size from 4 g to 10g each. As such, that head of garlic may weigh anywhere from 40g to 100g. Another head may have 16 cloves ranging from 4g to 10g. That head may weigh anywhere from 64g to 160g

How Much is One Clove of Garlic?

A single clove of garlic is equivalent to one teaspoon of chopped garlic or half a teaspoon of minced garlic.

How Much Does Fresh Garlic Weigh?

A fresh garlic bulb weighs about 50 grams, depending on the size. A fresh clove weighs about 10 grams.

How Much Garlic Powder Makes a Clove?

Garlic powder provides a great alternative to using fresh garlic. It provides an effective way to keep your garlic for more extended and requires less work as there is no peeling. One clove of garlic is equivalent to 1/8 teaspoon of garlic powder.

How Long Does a Head of Garlic Last?

An unpeeled head of garlic can last up to six months when stored in a cool, dry place. A single clove of garlic that is unpeeled can last about three weeks.

How Much Does a Head of Elephant Garlic Weigh?

A head of elephant garlic can grow up to 4 inches wide. Each bulb can weigh about 450g or more. Therefore, each bulb of elephant garlic contains an average of 4 huge cloves.

How Many Heads of Garlic Make 1 Kilogram?

Depending on the variety and growth pattern, a kilo of garlic can contain anywhere between 7 to 12 bulbs. Note that the kilo mesh bag can include any variety of garlic.

How Much Does the Average Supermarket Garlic Head Weigh?

The average garlic sold in supermarkets contains 10 to 15 cloves. Each of these cloves weighs between 4g to 45g depending on the variety

How Much Garlic is Toxic to Dogs?

According to studies on the effects of garlic on dogs, it takes about 15 to 30 grams of garlic per kilogram of a dog’s body weight to produce any harmful effects on the dog’s blood. This means the average garlic clove weighs about 3 to 7 grams. So your dog will have to eat a lot of garlic to experience any adverse effects.

How Much Does Gourmet Garlic Weigh?

The average gourmet garlic weighs about 4 to 45 grams, depending on the variety and size of the bulb.

What is the Length of the Clove in Measurement?

A small clove measures about 1 inch, whereas a large clove measures approximately 1.25 to 1.4 inches.

How Much Does a Clove of Garlic Weigh?

A single clove of garlic weighs about 3 grams. Garlic cloves have no cholesterol or fat, but they contain 1 gram of carbohydrates and 1 milligram of sodium.

How Much Garlic Can a Person Take a Day?

The recommended dosages for adults are 4 grams, equivalent to one or two cloves of raw garlic per day. 300 mg of dried garlic powder two to three times a day or 7.2g of aged garlic extract per day.

Is Garlic Better Raw or Cooked?

Raw garlic has a better nutritional profile than cooked or processed garlic. This is why you find that raw garlic is a common topping and ingredient for veggies and salads.

Can Too Much Garlic Harm You?

While we all want to gain from garlic’s health benefits, adding too much to your diet too quickly is wrong. Overeating garlic can cause discomfort, including lousy body odor, bad breath, bloating, stomach upset, and diarrhea.