Garlic Farms in North Carolina


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North Carolina is replete with garlic farms where you can buy fresh garlic and other vegetables. The soil and mild climate of North Carolina, especially in such rural counties as Rockingham County, are ideal for growing garlic, ginger, basil, leafy greens, and other savory crops.

If you cannot find time to visit the individual farmers at their farms to buy your garlic, you can also get the crops from farmers’ markets in local areas or the grocery stores reselling from the farms.

Plum Granny Farm

Plum Granny Farm is a garlic farm in North Carolina. Here, you can buy freshly grown garlic as well as other vegetables right from the farm. Other than garlic, the farm grows tomatoes, potatoes, strawberries, ginger, green veggies, blackberries, raspberries, turmeric, and more the like. They also grow and sell fresh fruits.

Plum Granny Farm Contact Details

Meet Cheryl and Ray, Plum Granny Farm Proprietors

Run by a couple, Cheryl and Ray, Plum Granny Farm is a welcoming, homely, and inspiring farming enterprise in King, NC to the northwest of Winston-Salem. The couple brings a rich heritage of traditional farming methods going back over three generations.

Cheryl was actually born and brought on the farm. While Ray grew up a thousand miles further west in Kansas, his childhood and youth were all a love affair with god old farming in one of the most rewarding soil-tilling traditions of the Midwest.

The PlumFresh CSA Program

PlumFresh is Plum Granny Farm’s homegrown community-supported agriculture (CSA) subscription program. It is a popular option for individuals and families with a love for fresh, organically grown fruits and vegetables. Subscribers are guaranteed a weekly supply of fresh vegetables including garlic, fruits, and nutritious green herbs.

Dealing with Customers Directly

Unlike many garlic farms in the American South, Plum Granny Farm does not deal with large-scale retailers of farm produce or even big restaurants and food dealers. Instead, the farm specializes in selling directly to individual consumers. This approach makes it possible to offer very customizable subscription basket offers.

Dealing with customers directly also has the added advantage of ensuring the fruits and veggies are shipped at their freshest. Typically, food baskets take no more than a day to get from the farm to their intended recipients.

Root Bottom Farm

North Carolina’s Root Bottom Farm is all about growing certified, naturally grown produce. It is a farm that has one of the choicest varieties of organically grown garlic in America. You can also choose from a host of other perennial vegetables, root crops, fresh greens, and even jellies and sugar jams.

Root Bottom Farm Contact Details

  • Website: http://www.rootbottomfarm.com/
  • Contact: +1 828-689-8665
  • Location: 1201 E Fork Rd, Marshall, NC 28753, United States
  • Ratings: 5 stars
  • Total Reviews: 8 reviews (Google)

History of Root Bottom Farm

Root Bottom Farm was established in 2011 in North Carolina’s Madison County on the outskirts of Asheville. This pristine setting on the slopes of North Carolina’s Appalachians boasts of mineral-rich soils with great drainage suitable for growing not just fresh vegetables but also root crops such as garlic, onions, potatoes, and fruits.

Meet the proprietors of Root Bottom Farm

Root Bottom Farm is run by a family of three: Morgan, Sarah, and Josephine Decker. Morgan is the one who does full-time farming and management of the farm. Sarah is an established author and artist.

When they are not farming, the couple indulges in plenty of physical activities, especially their second love: biking. They are also avid canoeists and skiers.

Growing Crops the Old-fashioned Way

All the produce grown and shipped out from Root Bottom Farm is grown the old fashioned way. The Deckers believe that by working the soil by hand and by leaving nature to work its magic, the produce arrives freshest and at its most nutritious ready for your kitchen and dinner table.

This philosophy of working everything by hand extends not only to freshly harvested fruits and vegetables but also to some of Root Bottom Farm’s value-added items. The packaged and branded Root Bottom Farm array of jams, for instance, are all lovingly and painstakingly made on the farm by hand.

Buy Fresh Produce to Your Fill and Content at the North Asheville Tailgate Market

You can get your fill of the freshest and most nutritious Root Bottom Farm produce at the North Asheville Tailgate Market every week. North Asheville Tailgate Market is the oldest farmers’ market in western North Carolina.

Peaceful Acres Farm

Peacefully serene and remotely located on the outskirts of the rather appropriately named North Carolinian town of Farmville, Peaceful Acres Farm is a small family that nonetheless employs organic techniques in growing crops and raising farm animals.

The proprietors of Peaceful Acres Farm are a couple by the names of Pattie and Gary Foote. Apart from growing garlic, the Footes also raise animals and grow a variety of other vegetables and fruits.

A look at the farm’s Facebook page reveals just how important garlic is to this farm and its customers. A good proportion of their posts and updates are about their green garlic crop and there are lots of photos and videos of both soft neck garlic and hard neck garlic varieties grown on the garlic beds.

Peaceful Acres Farm Contact Details

  • Website: None given
  • Location: 6405 Allen Gay Rd, Farmville, NC 27828, United States
  • Contact: +1 252 245 0425
  • Email: not available
  • Ratings: 5 Stars
  • Total Reviews: 1 review (Google)

Ten Mothers Farm

Ten Mothers Farm is a North Carolina farm with a long-running pedigree in growing garlic as well as other products using certified organic methods. Indeed, the name Ten Mothers is drawn from the saying “garlic is as good as ten mothers,” an altruism drawn from the Indian subcontinent.

The couple who run Ten Mothers Farm, Gordon Jenkins and Vera Fabian, named the farm in this manner because they believe that food is medicine. The food they grow is not only for nourishment but also for health and wellness. The two also insist that the saying from India has a special appeal for them as they are self-confessed lovers of garlic.

If you are looking for the best local produce in North Carolina, you will get it at its freshest from Ten Mothers Farm. While they do not have a regular spot in a farmers market, you can make your orders directly on their website.

Other than garlic, you can order baby ginger, carrots, and a large variety of onion bulbs are also sold on the farm’s online shop. You can also get their products from the nearby farmers’ markets

Ten Mothers Farm Contact Details

Coon Rock Farm

Coon Rock farm is a relatively small family farm on the outskirts of Hillsborough, NC. The 55 acres of farmland at a scenic bend of the Eno River features some premium farming land with well-drained soil as well as a mild climate necessary for growing garlic, including proper bulb development.

As avid practitioners of community-supported agriculture (CSA) approaches to growing and marketing crops, Coon Rock Farm offers a variety of food products including freshly made garlic powder, seasonings, and dips.

You can also buy eggs and a host of dairy products, such as low-fat milk and ghee directly from the farm’s online shop. The eggs are produced from range-fed chicken, containing all the wholesome goodness of organic products.

The farm is especially good for growing soft neck garlic, which is much more suited to this region of North Carolina, unlike hard neck garlic, which thrives in areas with more cold temperatures.

Coon Rock Farm Contact Details

Blue Sky Farms NC Inc.

Blue Sky Farms NC Inc. is a farming enterprise located in Wendel, North Carolina. The farm is committed to the growing and production of not only garlic but other vegetables and fruits.

By using safe and sustainable agricultural approaches, the farm strives to avoid the contamination of food whether that is by way of microbial, chemical, or physical contaminants. This makes for produce that is no5t only nutritious but also safe for consumption by health-conscious consumers.

Blue Sky Farms sells both Racobole garlic bulbs and organic garlic scapes. They have a long history of providing vegetables and fresh produce for leading restaurants in the local area. Quality and regard for the best standards in the industry have been the hallmark of the farm.

Blue Sky Farms NC Inc. Contact Details

If you are looking for a certified garlic farm from where you can purchase garlic scapes, bulbs, and other fresh produce, North Carolina offers a wide variety of choices with the greatest quality. Owing to an abundance of ideal growing conditions required by a garlic plant from the point it is a seedling to when it produces cloves. North Carolina is a well-known place for sourcing garlic used by some of the nation’s best-known specialty chefs. You too can enjoy these culinary delights by ordering your own garlic from our suggested North Carolina garlic farms in this guide.