Garlic Farms in Arkansas


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Garlic, also known as allium sativum in scientific terms, is a staple crop in the southern regions of America. Consequently, it’s not startling to find numerous garlic farms scattered across the state of Arkansas. The fairly moderate climate of Arkansas offers the perfect environment for cultivating garlic and similar crops like green onions.

Here is a review of the major farms which grow and ship garlic in Arkansas. Please note that there are other crops besides garlic grown on these farms. Some also raise small farm animals though they are only listed here if they also explicitly grow garlic for sale.

1. Footnote Farm

Footnote Farm is a small family farm in Central Arkansas committed to growing fresh produce using the most organic processes. The farm’s primary customers are those who are enrolled in their community-supported agriculture (CSA) program.

The Footnote Farm’s CSA is a weekly subscription program. Subscribers get a weekly basket of vegetables, fruits and other essential farm produce every week. A subscriber can opt for a generic basket with a bit of everything the farm has to offer or choose their own custom orders filled with their personal preferences.

The managers and proprietors of Footnote Farm believe that crops such as garlic should be grown in a natural, organic, and old-fashioned way. The land on which the garlic is grown is tilled by hand.

By not using large farm machinery, chemical fertilizer, or pesticides, garlic bulbs from Footnote Farm have all the natural goodness of freshly harvested food. Comparing them with store-bought bulbs will reveal that they are much larger bulbs. Large bulbs have cloves that are easier to peel and also have a longer shelf life.

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2. Darnell Farms

Darnell Farms is a family farm in Arkansas with a unique approach to agrotourism. Other than garlic, the farm grows onions, tomatoes, carrots, and other vegetables.

With over a hundred acres of tilled land, you can get specially packaged produce shipped to you from late March to early November when the harvest season ends.

Most of the garlic grown on Darnell Farms is soft neck garlic. This is a garlic variety especially suited to grow in mild climates such as you get in the American South. For clarity, soft neck garlic is the variety you may have seen plaited into garlic braids.

Unlike hard neck garlic, soft necks do not have rigid flower stalks. Admittedly, their garlic heads are much smaller. But they also have more cloves per garlic bulb. Moreover, their soft stalks, known as garlic shives, are also edible.

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3. Gaining Ground Farm

At Gaining Ground Farm you can get a variety of garlic products including garlic bulbs, and garlic seeds starting from early spring all the way to the onset of winter. You may also get some of their processed foods all year round, including in late winter.

The farm is the initiative of an Arkansas couple, Aaron and Ann Grier. Other than farming garlic and other vegetables, the Griers also produce a variety of dairy products from their herd of cows. You may also order eggs and other chicken products through their CSA program.

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  • Website: http://www.gaininggroundfarm-nc.com/
  • Location: 298 Sluder Branch Rd, Leicester, NC 28748, United States
  • Contact: +18285452362
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4. Tryon Mountain Farms

Tyron Mountain garlic farm is located on what was once Cherokee tribal land. The farm has been continuously producing crops well since 1964.

All the vegetables and fruits grown on the farm, including garlic, are grown using what is called the proprietor’s regenerative growing practices. This assures the consumer gets nutrient-dense foods grown on fertile soil without the use of chemical fertilizer or pesticides.

Tyron Mountain Farms operates an online shop where you can buy fresh vegetables at low prices. There are also a number of processed products and food additives you can purchase online. They include syrups, salts, and garnishing mixes.

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5. Highgate Farm

Highgate Farm is a certified Naturally Grown farm producing crops and other farms produce for the market. The farm markets its products to both individual buyers as well as those in the food and restaurant industries.

The business model adopted by this Arkansas farm follows the renowned French Market Garden template. This guarantees you a wide selection of both vegetables and fruits as well as herbs grown in the best organic traditions of the southern farming heritage.

Because of the relatively small size of the farm, the operators can give a lot more attention to detail in the planting, growing, and harvesting of the crops. They also go to great lengths to ensure the highest standards are met when the food is prepared and packaged ready to ship to the consumer.

You can also buy Highgate Farm’s products at a variety of Arkansas and North Carolina tailgate markets. These include West Asheville Tailgate Market, Black Mountain tailgate Market, and River Arts District Farmers Market.

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6. Raleigh City Farm

Raleigh City Farm is a garlic farm with a difference. Located on the former parking lot in downtown Raleigh, it is the only farm found within an urban setting of all the ones reviewed in this guide.

The owners are passionate environmentalists and delighted to turn what was once an eyesore into something welcoming and even nourishing for the local populace.

There is always something interesting happening on Raleigh City farm. Other than the more familiar farm tours, there are regular workshops where attendees learn invaluable farming and crop husbandry tricks.

At Raleigh City Farm, you can do a lot more than buy healthy and delicious fare for your kitchen. You can volunteer to help with a variety of farming activities. These range from planting seedlings to mulching, to weeding and harvesting fruits and vegetables.

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There are many advantages of buying garlic directly from the farm where it is grown. Unlike garlic heads you buy from the produce section of your local grocer, farm-grown garlic is fresh and does not contain some of the chemicals garlic shipped from abroad contains in order to increase its shelf life. You can enjoy such quality, fresh and nutritious food by ordering from any of the reviewed Arkansas garlic farms in this guide.