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Best Garlic Farms in Georgia


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Garlic (Allium sativum) is a hardy perennial plant cultivated as a crop around the world. As is the case with other members of the onion family, garlic grows best in well-drained soil as well as balmy weather. Georgia has plenty of these, meaning that growing garlic here is a more worthwhile venture than it is in more northern climates. Farming organic crops and specifically growing garlic brings good returns for many enterprising farmers in the state. Here is a look at a selection of the best farms where garlic is grown in Georgia.

1. LoganBerry Heritage Farm

The farm is touted by its proprietors as an unorthodox farming enterprise, opting to “work with nature” in growing garlic and other farm produce and raising livestock. It is located in Cleveland, Georgia. The quest for quality and sustainability drives all their farming activities.

With a deep focus on natural, organic farming methods, the farm eschews chemical fertilizer and pesticides instead of relying on organic matter to increase soil fertility and control pests. On a visit, you will be delighted with the open fields with elephant garlic plants shimmering in the direct sunlight of the deep south.

You can order the various farm products grown on LoganBerry farm through their online farmers market portal. You can also download a free edition of “How to Grow Great Garlic” with illustrated guidelines, from preparing seed beds, the best time of year to plant seed garlic, to weeding and harvesting garlic bulbs.

LoganBerry Heritage Farm Contact Details

Website: https://loganberry-heritage-farm.square.site/
Location: 2660 Adair Mill Rd, Cleveland, GA 30528, United States
Contact: (706)363-0260
Email: [email protected]
Ratings: 4.8 stars
Total Reviews: 12 reviews (Google)

2. Mayflor Farms

As one of the founding members of the Georgia Organics and Community Farmers Market, Maylor Farms is a producer of high-quality, organically grown fruits, vegetables, and chicken products. The farm is also a pristine location for family getaways, picnics, corporate retreats, and camping.

The most impressive offer at Maylor Farms is their Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. The program offers health and community-conscious families the opportunity to enjoy a weekly basket of organically grown green and tuber vegetables beginning in early spring and well into late September. Of course, the contents of the weekly basket vary from season to season and harvest times. Still, they invariably include various garlic types such as Inchelium red cloves, onions, carrots, Chet’s Italian artichoke, and leek bulbs.

Mayflor Farms runs a very regular growing program and allows subscribers of the CSA program to participate in growing crops from planting time to harvesting season. As a result, you can learn a lot about growing garlic in your garden, including crucial tips for stopping irrigation. Conventional farming wisdom has it that you should stop irrigating your garlic crop when the tops begin to fall off. By then, the garlic plants have gained sufficient nutritional content and are shortly going to be ready for harvesting.

Mayflor Farms Contact Details

Website: https://mayflorfarms.com/
Location: 1206 Old Conyers Rd, Stockbridge, GA 30281
Contact: [Not provided]
Email: Not provided (use the Contact Us form on their “About Us” webpage]
Ratings: 5.0 stars
Total Reviews: 6 reviews (Google)

3. Greenway Farms of Georgia

Greenway Farms of Georgia has these, whether you are searching for a freshly cut sirloin of pasture-raised beef, yummy eggs from pastured eggs, or artichoke straight in from the garden. Moreover, every garlic bulb planted and harvested meets the best organic and nutritional standards.

Greenway Farms of Georgia is part of Georgia Grown, an agribusiness program set up to help farming enterprises in the state of Georgia thrive and leverage sustainable methods such as the use of compost fertilizer that growing organic garlic requires for proper leaf growth, bulb formation, and the unique flavors prized by gourmet chefs around the world.

The farm uses irrigation and proven plant husbandry approaches to ensure vegetables such as garlic sprouts mature, and are harvested in their best quality.

The farm has a fully-fledged online farmers market complete with search functionality so you can filter out just the right garlic variety you need for your recipes. At Greenway Farms of Georgia, you can buy fresh garlic directly from the harvest from late February until mid-July.

Greenway Farms of Georgia Contact Details

Website: https://www.greenwayfarmsofga.com/
Location: 6744 US-80 W, Roberta, GA 31078, United States
Contact: +1 678-231-7257
Email: Not provided (Use the “Get in Touch” web form on their “Contact Us” webpage)
Ratings: 4.9 Stars
Total Reviews: 14 reviews (Google)

4. G&R Farms

Started as a small farming enterprise in the mid-1940s, GR Farms is now one of the most instantly recognizable farms in Georgia, where onions and garlic are grown on a large scale. Across three generations since the pioneer Walter L. Dasher, the farming enterprise has grown exponentially. Today, their crops are grown over an expanse of well over 5,000 acres of farmland in Georgia.

By interspersing the crops and planting times and using smart irrigation techniques, G&R Farms ensure that there is always a new onion or garlic harvest for all your recipe needs. While G&R is a large farming corporation, they have great regard for conservation and environmental responsibility.

G&R Farms’ certification by the Rainforest Alliance is a good illustration of their commitment to environmental responsibility in all their farming activities. This is equally true from the time of planting as it is at harvesting and packaging of their produce.

A view across the expanse of farmland where G&R Farms’ onion and garlic crops are grown reveals rows upon rows of pristinely green and lush foliage of the growing crops. Some well-laid procedures guide the process of growth from seed to harvest. This ensures the bulbs beneath the package in all the nutrients necessary for healthy meals and the flavor profile needed for each variety of onion or garlic bulbs is attained.

G&R Farms Contact Details

Website: https://www.grfarmsonions.com/
Location: 102 Dasher Rd, Glennville, GA 30427
Contact: +1 912-654-2100
Email: [email protected]
Ratings: 4.3 stars
Total Reviews: 67 reviews (Google)

5. Rise ‘n Shine Organic Farm

As a farm run by a passionate team of growers driven by a quest for only producing crops that meet the highest standards of organic growth and nutritional excellence, Rise ‘n Shine Organic Farm has the pedigree of quality and the highest sustainability ideals.

Located in the Oostanuala River Valley in Northwest Georgia, Rise ‘n Shine Organic Farm produces garlic as well as other vegetables and fruits grown and harvested according to the best organic farming standards. Indeed, the farm received its organic certification in 2004.

The farming on Rise ‘n Shine Organic Farm is based on the principle that nourishing the soil using methods nature has inspired and perfected is the best approach to follow if you are looking to get food that not only nourishes but has all the goodness to ensure strong and healthy bodies. By understanding the garlic plant: its nutrient needs, organic pest control methods, and irrigation needs, the farm’s output is of the highest quality that money can buy.

The proprietors of Rise ‘n Shine Organic Farm insist that tending to food crops, and specifically growing garlic, brings them plenty of joy. Their belief is that form of happiness should be passed on to those who buy their products as well.

To provide their customers with the best and freshest products, the farm has a project called “The Local Farm Box” where you can order locally grown food crops and have them delivered right to your doorstep. In addition, buyers can customize their orders to ensure they contain an adequate proportion of the fruits or vegetables they love.

To join the Local Farm Box program, buyers are requested to choose a box size that is fit for their needs. After submitting the request, they can wait for an email acknowledging their application and offering the option to add more details, including the frequency of deliveries.

Rise ‘n Shine Organic Farm Contact Details

Website: https://risenshinefarm.com/
Location: 4307 Roland Hayes Pkwy SW, Calhoun, GA 30701
Contact: +1 706-676-0825
Email: Not provided. Use the “Let’s Connect” form on their “Contact ” webpage (https://risenshinefarm.com/contact/)
Ratings: 4.8 Stars
Total Reviews: 69 reviews (Google)

The great state of Georgia is replete with many farms where they plant garlic and other crops as well as raise livestock. Almost without exception, these farms use organic approaches to ensure that their produce meets the highest standards in terms of nutritional value, environmental responsibility, and sustainable agricultural practices.

In many instances, you can place orders for garlic bulbs fresh off the harvest and have them delivered to your address in no more than a couple of days. In addition, buying directly from these farms or from their online farmers’ market functionality gives you access to higher quality, fresher, and more nutritious vegetables than what you can get from buying at your local green grocer’s or wholesale produce market.